• Silver's Memorial Inclusive

    Learning Centre SMILE

    Access to Education for ALL Children


    Silver's Memorial Inclusive Learning Centre (SMILE) is located in the rural Soroti district of eastern Uganda and serves over 180 children and youth. Many of SMILE's students are blind, deaf, and orphaned.


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    Silver Oonyu: Founder of SMILE


    SMILE's founder, Silver Oonyu, is himself legally blind from Smallpox he contracted early in his life. Despite this challenge, Silver excelled in his university studies and was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree in the United States. Silver earned his Master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, in 2012, and returned to Uganda to teach the blind, deaf, and orphaned children in his community. Today, Silver and his staff volunteer their time to serve as many children in their community as they can.

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    Stephen helping Aaron pump water at SMILE

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    Working on the walls of the School

  • “God Be With You.”

    — Silver Oonyu, School Founder

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